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Perforated Pan

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The perforated pan, also known as the GN tray, GN container or simply GN pan, is a cooking utensil used in professional cooking. The usefulness of these containers varies. They can be used as food storage containers, for safe food preparation, for cooking as well as for transporting food. The criterion that differentiates the gastronorm tray from other kitchen containers is that it has very precise dimensions that are currently used for catering. Some of these professional kitchen utensils also come with lids. The gastronorm containers are also stackable to save space in the kitchen.

It should be noted that the gastronorm standards dates back to 1964 when Swiss restaurateurs had difficulty in organizing their work properly. In 1993, this type of professional kitchen equipment was made official by the European Committee for Standardisation under the name of standard EN631-1. It should also be noted that before being accepted by the catering world, these gastronorm kitchen containers were disputed because they seemed too complicated to use. But today all professionals in the HORECA field use this catering and foodservice equipment which has proved to be very practical on the contrary!

For better understanding, here is a list of the different dimensions of gastronorm perforated pans or steam table pans (size chart) sold on AZ Boutique :

Name : Dimensions (L x W x H, in mm)

GN 2/1 : 530 x 650

GN 1/1 : 530 x 325

GN 2/3 : 352 x 325 x 325

GN 1/2 : 265 x 325

GN 1/3 : 176 x 325

GN 2/4 : 530 x 162

GN 1/4 : 265 x 162

GN 1/6 : 176 x 162 x 162

GN 1/9 : 176 x 108

In this section we will talk about the stainless steel perforated pans which has the same characteristics as the gastronorm tray without perforations but which is used for different purposes. You can use a perforated gastronorm container for the following tasks:

  • To keep your food warm : Stainless steel perforated gastronorm trays ensure exceptional quality for heat retention. Stainless steel conducts heat very well and allows better heat retention and distribution.
  • To store : With perforated GN pans, you can store your food efficiently and evenly. Storage becomes easy due to the various sizes of gastronorm trays.
  • As a drainer : The gastronorm perforated pan can be used  to drain your vegetables or fruit as it releases water from food easily. Simply place it over a sink or on a non-perforated gastronorm trays to easily remove water from your food.
  • For presentation in a refrigerated display case : It is possible to arrange your food uniformly in these perforated containers to present it in a refrigerated display case such as pastries or Viennese pastries in a bakery or pastry shop.
  • To store in the refrigerated cabinet :You can also put your food directly into a refrigerated cabinet that is designed to accommodate gastronorm trays. After refrigeration, simply place your container near the sink, let it drain and allow the products to return to room temperature for direct consumption or subsequent reheating.
  • To cook in the water bath (bain-marie) : Perforated steam table pans can be used for water bath cooking !

These kitchen accessories are perfectly adapted to transport trolleys, sinks, drawer tables and refrigerated appliances for gastronorm containers thanks to EN631.1 standards which defines the dimensions of the containers and guarantees their compatibility with the various kitchen equipment.

Why choose the stainless steel perforated pans or sheet pans offered on AZ Boutique?

Stainless steel is a metal with many qualities. It is one of the most sought-after metals in cooking for its qualities, resistance and ability to last for many years. It is also very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. In addition, stainless steel is not affected by heat! Feel free to put your hottest preparations in your stainless steel pans without fear of deforming it.

This professional kitchen equipment is a key element if you want to work in professional catering. Opt for the perforated gastronorm tray to add value to your professional kitchen equipment.

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