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Gastronorm trolley

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The Gastronorm trolley, also known as a transport trolley or even pastry stainless steel ladder, is a professional kitchen equipment used to store gastronorm trays or gastronorm baskets.  The Gastro Norm scale format is specially designed to facilitate the transport of Gastro Norm food containers of the same size in the professional kitchen.

This shelving system has been designed in accordance with the special gastronorm dimensions recommended by the HACCP regulations to accommodate containers, gastronorm pans or gastronorm stainless steel tray and platters. AZ Boutique offers you a wide choice of gastronorm trolleys of different sizes to suit your catering needs. These rectangular trolleys can be disassembled and are equipped with wheels with brakes to facilitate transport.

This beautiful kitchen equipment can be used in a bakery or pastry shop as food pans to store pastries such as chocolate breads, croissants, raisin breads and many others. Gastronorm containers are used as cooking equipment and then they are placed directly on the gastronorm shelves and act as a food display.

The kitchen trolley is also used in the hospitality industry in professional kitchens of restaurants and/or hotels for the storage and transport of food and ready-made meals. Those very practical gastronorm trolleys can also be used as drawer racks for temporary storage systems to store dishes or kitchen utensils.

Why choose the gastronorm trolley / stainless steel trolley?

Stainless steel is one of the essential materials in the professional kitchen and is the first choice for catering equipment for various reasons.

Corrosion resistance

In the kitchen, it is important to ensure that corrosion does not affect kitchen utensils as this can cause food dangers. A service trolley is used daily in a professional kitchen and the fact that it is protected against corrosion is a plus. The stainless steel shelving trolleys that AZ Boutique offers you are all made of stainless steel to offer the best performance to its consumers.


The look that stainless steel gives to an object really gives a visual aspect of cleanliness, neatness and impeccable hygiene!

Long-term use

As a heavy duty professional kitchen equipment, it is essential that the life span of the trolley or gastronorm ladder is long enough to serve you. Stainless steel considerably increases the durability of your transport ladder.

Easy to maintain

Stainless steel is very easy to maintain. Especially for an object that does not fit in a dishwasher such as the gastro ladder, simply use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to wipe your equipment. After cleaning, your trolley will be as good as new again.

Resistance to high temperatures

In a professional kitchen, there are different temperature variations. Whether it is bins that are stored in a cold room, containers taken out of a refrigerated cabinet or refrigerated display case, or containers taken out of the furnace, oven, stove, or water bath, gastronorm shelving trolleys will withstand all kinds of temperatures and in no case will the temperature of the containers affect the quality of the trolley. The storage bins can act as gastronorm cabinets and you can let your preparations from your serving trays cool down when removed from the oven by placing them on the serving trolley.

What to do in case of corrosion of your stainless steel gastronorm trolleys?

Let's discover together how to properly maintain a gastronorm trolley so that it lasts twice as long as expected!

Unlike steel, which rusts quickly in contact with water and air, stainless steel contains chromium, which protects the object's surface from corrosion. However, it is also possible that stainless steel may rust when in contact with salt and chlorine. This happens in seashore restaurants for instance or even when products such as lemon, vinegar or even cider that contain acids are used in the kitchen.

In these cases, simply wipe with a damp pad with bicarbonate and vinegar or lemon and salt and rub directly on the oxidized part, respecting the direction of polishing the surface. Rinse with water and wipe the equipment with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. For daily maintenance and to maintain quality, simply wipe the equipment with a soft sponge and a little water. Citric Acid is also often used to maintain the brilliance of stainless steel.

Then make your kitchen work easier with AZ Boutique's gastronorm racking and take advantage of our attractive prices! Gastronorm trolleys for gastro trays and gastronorm containers intended for professional use, easily cleanable and resistant to moisture and wear and which can support very heavy loads.... Discover the whole range of gastro trolleys and GN trolleys necessary in a professional kitchen for the storage and transport of your foodstuffs in compliance with European health and safety standards with AZ BOUTIQUE.

Discover also our large collection of cookware appliances, dinnerware, bakeware, tableware, glassware, serveware, flatware cutlery and barware to better equip your kitchen.

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