Customer reviews

Many e-commerce sites offer you the opportunity to make online purchases. In light of this vast array of choices, it is completely legitimate to ask if you can purchase safely on AZ-boutique if you are a first-time shopper. More than 10 years of experience in online commerce, secure and easy payments, ultra-competitive prices, an easily reachable customer service which assists you at every step of your purchase and for the follow-up of your parcel: we could have given you a broad scope of these many reasons to trust us.

But we will here introduce the only argument that really matters to us and which ultimately is the driving force behind our company: customer satisfaction!

Why to trust

Indeed to ensure you an absolute serenity in your purchases, AZ-boutique makes the choice of transparency by allowing you to access to customer feedbacks on the progress of their order, their delivery as well as the conformity of the received product.

You will find on this page the genuine reviews of our customers, who have ordered, who have been delivered, and who are satisfied (or not). These reviews can also be checked on the individual pages of each product.

Collaboration with third parties to guarantee you 100% reliable and unbiased reviews

But here again it is legitimate for you to question the reliability of these reviews

This is why, AZ-boutique collaborates with Yotpo which is a trusted brand for online commerce, it makes sure to authenticate and collect our customer reviews. This collaboration guarantees that the collection and publication of customer is done in line with principles of transparency and reliability. Yotpo is also an approved Google partner for product reviews.

The reviews that you can consult on this page to testify to the reliability of our site and our procedures have therefore not been collected by AZ-boutique directly but by a neutral third party.

We also invite you to check our customer feedbacks collected by Ekomi.  Since we have made the choice of transparency and honesty we do not have the upper hand on reviews left on this site. Ekomi is certified NF Z74-501. This certification by AFNOR - French Association for Standardization - aims to make the processing of online reviews more reliable and ensures the reliability and transparency of the publication.

Dear kitchen professionals or passionate gourmets, we invite you check the below reviews by customers who have genuinely made purchases on AZ-Boutique.