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Ice maker

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AZ-Boutique offers you different categories of household appliances, including many beverage, slush or chilled water dispensers as well as countertop ice maker. You are planning a party? You need to serve cold drinks, and you are short of ice cubes? Your icemaker got your back! This small electric appliance is a must-have at home, or in the professional environment, for its practical side. Ice cubes are a must for any aperitif in a hot summer afternoon!

The automatic ice machine

Why should you prioritize an automatic ice cube machine? Well, this piece of gem, ideal for counter top, offers many advantages, as it can be used in a bar, restaurant, as well as a multitude of food service establishments.

Every minute in summer is an ideal time for a refreshing drink or delicious crushed ice treats. With an automatic ice dispenser, you can get a cold drink in no time. Especially in the professional environment, a portable ice maker is remarkably practical. However, to ensure performance, cost effectiveness, quality and value for money, it all comes down to the ice makers you choose.

Important factors to consider before buying an ice making machine:

Frequency of use

Ice tray or ice bin accessories coming with the machine

Automatic or manual system

Size of the device and ice storage capacity

Manufacturing material

Price comparison

Warranty terms

Portability feature

Will the unit be for professional or home use ?

Production capacity of the water reservoir

Some machines offer many features. Analyse what will best suit your needs. There is no point in having a machine with a lot of features if you are only going to use a minimum of them.

Next, it's important to look at the model and design. Many of today's ice maker models are aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's for your kitchen or your bar, it's essential that the machine matches the decor of the room. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, to best suit your needs.

Maintaining your ice maker

The principle is the same for all household appliances. Do you want to extend their life? Regular maintenance is essential!

So how do you take care of your equipment? Cleanliness being essential, a complete washing of all water-resistant accessories, twice a year, will be perfect. However, it is advisable to check your equipment regularly to ensure that the water filter or the filtration system is always clean without impurities and that there are no leaks. Special note to the lazy ones, this machine is definitely not safe for dishwashers. Some may have self-cleaning option too which you can consider.

Buy your ice cube maker/dispenser only at AZ Boutique!

The AZ Boutique website is specialized in the sale of small home appliance, in order to meet the needs of individuals and professionals. Thus, you will discover a nice range of automatic ice dispensers producing clear ice cubes in the "Appliances" category on the AZ Boutique website. High efficiency appliances with a soft touch of elegance and simplcity, easy to use, are sold at good quality-price ratio.

AZ Boutique also provide you with some barware accessories to be used alongside ice machines like ice trays, ice scoop spoon, ice bucket, ice crusher, chiller, blender and mixer, juicer and many more appliances. Your ice maker machine is one step away from your tabletop! Get it now and impressed your guests by mastering ice like a magic chef.

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