Salad spinner

A well-dressed green salad from your own garden veggies is one of life’s simplest pleasure and it all starts with a salad spinner!

The salad spinner, formerly known as the salad basket, is a device that will allow you to rinse the salad, get rid of dirty water and residues (soil, dust, insects), spin it out and draining it as well. With a simple push of a button, you have a clean, seasonal salad that is ready to eat after putting on some salad dressing. If you do not want to eat it right away, keep the salad in bowls (with lids or covered with a damp cloth), in sealed containers or lunch box for later use.

How does the salad spinner work? It's simple. Fill the spinner with cold water (in which you can add a little white vinegar), let the leaves soak for about ten minutes, discard the water, close the salad spinner and then spin (make one or more turns if the leaves are still too full of water). Spinning has never been so fun while enjoying your best salad.

It is good to know that the salad basket is the ancestor of the salad spinner. Unlike the salad spinner model which we all know today, the salad basket had a metal basket and a handle holding the basket. By performing circular actions with the arm, the water that was in the lettuce leaves would go. Over time, the traditional salad basket has been replaced by electric and manual salad spinners.

A well-designed model is a must - How to choose the best lettuce spinner/salad dryer model on AZ Boutique?

AZ Boutique offers different types of salad spinners to suit your needs. We all have kitchen utensils dedicated to professional and home cooking. These kitchen gadgets will allow you save more time in the kitchen and at the same time allowing you to have home-made quality food.

In our range of kitchenware utensils, discover our different types of spinners: transparent salad spinners family size from 2 to 4L capacity in plastic or acrylic with pedal or handle, the stainless steel spinner or opaque plastic spinners of very large capacity (from 12L to 25L) dedicated to professionals in the kitchen.

All the salad spinners that we offer are of very good quality and perform their duties perfectly. Our salad dryers ensure an efficient spin-drying in few easy steps. After using it, simply clean the utensil under water or put it in the dishwasher easily as it is completely dishwasher safe.

Our advice to better choose the best salad spinner which fits your needs:

The stainless steel salad spinner - The stainless steel salad drainer guarantees robustness for a long time. Even if this type of spinner falls, it is not likely to get damaged. This material does not require too much effort because the wash and dry is done in a few minutes and will not damage the leaves. The elegant design of this spinner is designed so that you can use the double-function stainless steel bowl as a presentation dish for your green salad, lettuce.

The small BPA free plastic salad spinner - Plastic spinners are very practical to drain easily, especially for nonprofessional use because they are much lighter. Like the stainless steel spinner, you can use the transparent plastic bowl to serve your salad directly and after use, opt for an easy way to clean in the dishwasher.

We have two plastic salad spinners with a capacity of 12L and 25L that are ideal for professional caterers who prepare large salad portions, for example. Simply turn the crank to spin a very large amount of salad, and the job is done! The salad spinner is also an easy storage appliance which is a

space saver on your countertop.

The salad spinner - what are factors to be evaluated before opting for any of this kitchen tool for a better experience?

Follow our guides to better understand the important criteria to consider before buying a salad spinner!

The spin system - It is important to choose a spin dryer carefully in relation to the method you will use to spin. You can choose a model with wire to pull, a crank model to turn or a piston or pedal model where you simply press with one hand. The wire can become brittle over time, while the piston and crank are strong and allow fast spin drying with limited effort.

Materials - The material used to make your salad spinner is important depending on how often you use it. For example, a restaurant that operates every day and must prepare fresh salad twice a day prefers a stainless steel spinner for strength and durability or a very large capacity plastic spinner for practical reasons. On the other hand, if the consumption of salad is not excessive, then a small capacity plastic one will be enough. Good grips are very important to have a better control over the spinner as non slip grips ensure that the task is being done smoothly.

Aesthetics – Do not neglect the external appearance of your salad dryer because by opting for a multifunctional and removable transparent salad spinner with a clear bowl, you can have a transparent or stainless steel salad bowl as a serving bowl for serving salads. Or you can have a hermetically sealed box closed by a lid to store your salads in the fridge.

Discover a wide range of plastic or stainless steel salad spinners to enjoy a spicy and tasty salad and browse through our other kitchen tools to help you in the kitchen prepare all your vegetables and fruits like the vegetable mill, mandoline, colander, strainer, can opener, grater, parsley chopper, peeler, cutting board, fruit press, garlic press, kitchen knife, steam cooker, pans, fry slicer, scissors and many others. Enjoy the effortless prep of a great salad with your salad spinner!


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