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Food thermometer

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The food thermometer is a kitchen tool specially designed to control the temperature of your preparations to enable you to succeed in all your recipes as some culinary preparations require a very accurate cooking temperature to obtain a perfect result.

To meet the requirements of cooks, pastry chefs, professionals and amateurs, AZ Boutique offers a wide range of kitchen thermometers namely the refrigerator thermometer, grill thermometer, oven thermometer, frying thermometer, spatula thermometer, meat thermometer, kitchen thermometer, probe thermometer, infrared thermometer and digital instant read thermometer. These kitchen utensils are available in different models to suit different uses.

What are the different kitchen thermometers used for?

A digital kitchen thermometer with a probe allows you to control the temperature of liquid and solid preparations, an oven dish or a frying pan thanks to a cooking probe with a temperature sensor that allows you to take the temperature of your dish and a digital display that shows you the results. The probe thermometer ranges from -50°C to sometimes + 300°C or even 500°C.

To make salted butter caramel, for example, you need liquid cream, cold salted butter and powdered sugar as ingredients, and as kitchen utensils, you need a pan, preferably stainless steel, so that you can see the colour of the caramel, a wooden spatula and the kitchen thermometer. The caramel will be ready to be removed from the heat when the maximum temperature has reached 108 degrees Celsius, a temperature you can control with your electronic probe thermometer! Then add the diced cold butter and mix well. To obtain a homogenous caramel, you can also put your preparation in a food processor.

For melted chocolate or caramel, you can also opt for the infrared thermometer, which allows you to measure the temperature without contact thanks to its laser technology and its practical LCD screen. Generally, this type of thermometer has a large amplitude that can range from -50°C to +260°C.

The refrigerator and freezer thermometer is a kitchen equipment that controls the storage temperature of refrigerated and frozen products. This kitchen equipment is ideal for restaurants, fish shops, delicatessens, cold rooms and butcher's shops, which must comply with the HACCP hygiene (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and safety standards recommended in the world of professional catering.

For monitoring oven cooking temperature, the oven thermometer is ideal, as it will allow you to obtain a more accurate oven temperature than the oven thermostat.

The special use of the food thermometer in cooking meats

In order to ensure the best flavour of the meat, some very important details must be taken into consideration, such as the right cooking meat temperature. How can I check that a meat is cooked ? For example, even if your leg of lamb seems to be cooked on the outside, this is not necessarily the case on the inside, so it would be a shame to slice the meat to check the cooking. The digital meat thermometer will allow you to easily check the inside temperature of the meat without having to cut it, so you can serve juicy, delicious and presentable meat to your guests. To help you with the cooking of your meats, here is the ideal meat temperature range to respect for each type of meat in order to get the required doneness:

Extra rare or blue beef 37 - 39 °C

Rare beef 50 - 52 °C

Medium rare beef 53 - 58 °C

Well-cooked beef 58 °C

Well-cooked pork 75 - 80 °C

Well cooked chicken 80 - 85 °C

Blue veal 57 °C

Rare veal 60 °C

Medium rare veal 68 °C

Well-cooked calf 75 °C

Medium Lamb 60 °C

Medium rare Lamb 65 °C

Well-cooked lamb 70 °C

The digital food thermometer: the best kitchen tool to make your cooking a success!

With the help of a kitchen digital thermometer you will be able to make many recipes, such as cotton candy, Italian meringue, cooking sugar or foie gras. By cooking and baking with such precise readout from the thermometer, you will develop a varied cuisine and the result will simply be excellent.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, when you are passionate about cooking and baking, your main objective is to make your recipes a success. A high-precision digital cooking thermometer will therefore be indispensable for you to present dishes and desserts that are perfectly made to delight your loved ones' taste buds.

Find all our high quality professional kitchen thermometers of the brands Paderno, Yoocook, Lacor and louis Tellier in our range: oven thermometer, roast, digital probe thermometer, pocket thermometer or infrared thermometer... the best of the kitchen thermometer is here! AZ boutique proposes not only different types of thermometers but also other items which include kitchen timer, kitchen scale, cooking timer, digital timer and so on.

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