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Red wine glass

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Discover a selection of Red Wine Glasses with AZ Boutique

In this category, AZ Boutique brings you to discover its selection of quality wine glass for unique tasting experiences. While some of these red wine glasses are using handblown glass, others have been designed showing  solid stackable glass and stemmed glass silhouette to ensure the best alliage between durability, quality and sheer elegance.

Crafted with blown glass, carved to create a wide, round bowl made of solid glass, red wine glasses on AZ Boutique guarantee meaningful tasting experiences. These red wine glasses provide the optimal collection and concentration of aromas: ensuring the full enjoyment of every wine bouquet.

Step into the world of premium wine glassware with AZ Boutique's curated selection of red wine glasses. Highlighted by the elegant designs from La Rochère, our collection features their finest creations. Leonardo, with its distinctive glasses, merges tradition with modernity. Chef & Sommelier's expertly crafted glasses cater to the true wine enthusiast, ensuring each pour is an event in itself. Bormioli Rocco offers a touch of classic charm with its signature piece. And, with additions from renowned brands like Arcoroc and Riedel, AZ Boutique ensures you're spoilt for choice. Elevate your wine experience with glasses that are as refined as the vintages they hold.

A Red Wine Glass For Every Bouquet

AZ Boutique offers you a great, large collection of red wine glass sets promoting the perfect alliage between durability, elegance, and functionality. As you browse through a large collection of the best red wine glasses, you will encounter a wine glass for every purpose. Specifically designed to bring the most out of a wine’s aroma, the selection of red wine glasses available on AZ Boutique showcases the most notable brands and collections known to boost aromatic concentration : Schott Zweisel, Arcoroc, Riedel, Libbey, Schott Zwiesel . These red wine glasses offer the essence of pure aesthetics and practicality and can also be part of the ideal home bar accessory. Should you wish to elevate your wine tasting experiences, such red wine glasses can prove to be the perfect ally in guaranteeing memorable fine dining moments.

Red Wine Glasses for Full-bodied Red Wines

Discover an array of stem glasses through Schott Zwiesel or Arcoroc, showcasing a solid glass base that can easily and comfortably hold full-bodied red wines, allowing you to relish in a glass of your favourite Bordeaux wine or Cabernet Sauvignon for a flavour burst of delicate aromas. With a globe shaped bowl, these stemware glasses are taller and larger than white wine glasses, thus offering a delectable tasting experience. You may find that the Syrah red wine, from the Stars in the Dark bouquet, can best be savoured using our red wine glasses.

Traditional Red Wine Glass

The standard red wine glass is presented by Chef et Sommelier on AZ Boutique.  The traditional red wine glass shows a classic, fuller, and rounder bowl that provides optimal air contact towards the surface of the chosen red wine bouquet to filter all complex aromas and ensure notable enjoyment of your favourite red wine selections. Such design can also prove incredibly versatile and customisable in use as you may use this balloon-shaped glass to accommodate different beverages: sodas, juices, or sparkling water.

Should you wish for a touch of heightened elegance to sublimate red wine, AZ Boutique presents you with La Rochère : an imagery of savoir-faire through its transparent stem glasses made from high-end  mouth-blown glass known as non-lead crystalline. Similar to crystal wine glasses in their shape and appearance, these red wine glasses featured by La Rochère will undoubtedly work their charms on your guests, with a round parison and a ball-like leg. They provide a safe way to enjoy a glass of red wine in secure, quality glassware available at an affordable price in our online shop.

If you are looking for greater traditionalism and design with historical and aesthetic significance, the Libbey collection available on AZ Boutique might be what you need. This set of wine glasses features a design of ridges around a solid glass base for a comfortable grip on the drinker’s hand.

Burgundy Wine Glasses

Should you want to elevate your wine tasting experience, AZ Boutique presents you with Burgundy glasses as shown by the Leonardo Puccini and the Leonardo Casella collection. Devised with a broader design, these stem glasses demonstrate a much bigger bowl than traditional red wine glasses to hold more delicate, complex aromas such as Pinot noir. These Bourgogne or Burgundy wine glasses provide optimal aeration and oxidation to develop and reveal a richer, fuller taste of concentrated wine flavours and aromas. Ideal for grand occasions, these Burgundy glasses offer the epitome of prestige with elegant patterns and generous servings.

If you're a wine enthusiast searching for the perfect red wine glasses, here are the distinguishing features of Burgundy glasses:

  1. Broad Bowl: A hallmark of the Burgundy red wine glass is its expansive, almost balloon-esque bowl. This design not only visually impresses but also maximizes the wine's exposure to air, ensuring it breathes and reveals its aromatic richness.

  2. Conical Rim: The uniquely tapered top concentrates the wine's myriad aromas, making each sniff a delightful preview of the taste to come, a feature every red wine lover will appreciate.

  3. Elegant Stem: While somewhat shorter than other red wine glass stems, the Burgundy glass boasts a stem that's thoughtfully designed to provide a firm grip, ensuring the wine remains at its optimal temperature.

  4. Delicate Curve: The bowl's subtle curvature allows for easy and effective swirling, enhancing the wine's aeration and emphasizing its aromatic profile.

  5. Refined Glasswork: High-end Burgundy red wine glasses often use ultra-sleek glass, especially at the rim, creating an uninterrupted, pure tasting journey.

Bordeaux Wine Glasses 

The Bordeaux wine glass, thoughtfully designed, is a wine aficionado's secret to experiencing the deep flavors and aromas of Bordeaux wines and other robust reds. Its unique structure ensures every sip is a celebration.

Characteristics of a Bordeaux Wine Glass:

  1. Elongated Bowl: Enhances oxygenation, allowing the wine's bouquet to fully develop.
  2. Sturdy Base: Provides a solid foundation while promoting optimal aeration for rich red wines.
  3. Curved Rim: Directs the wine to flow effortlessly, highlighting the wine's fruity notes and minimizing its acidity.

INAO Wine Glasses

If you are looking for adaptability, sleek design, and affordable wine glasses, discover the INAO type wine glass. This versatile wine glass is showcased through the Arcoroc’s Viticole collection on AZ Boutique, offering you the opportunity to bring a touch of practicality to your wine tasting experiences. INAO wine glasses are considered as universal wine glasses, specifically designed to ensure the full enjoyment of different wine tastes, aromas, and flavours. Whether you would like to opt for a glass of white wine, a Pinot noir, some sparkling wine, or even a glass of vintage champagne, the INAO wine tasting glasses can easily accommodate different bouquets and beverages for your every need.

Why AZ boutique advises to use a different glass for red wine and white wine. 

Choosing separate glasses for red and white wine is not merely a matter of custom or style; it's a decision rooted in enhancing the sensory pleasures of wine drinking. Here's why each wine type deserves its unique vessel:

  1. Optimal Aeration Area:

    • Red Wine: Reds, particularly those with a robust body, thrive with aeration. Glasses meant for red wine have a more expansive bowl, facilitating easy swirling. This increases oxygen contact, mellowing the wine's tannins and amplifying its intrinsic flavors and scents.
    • White Wine: White wines typically need less exposure to air. Their glasses tend to be more slender and upright, preserving the wine's coolness and accentuating its nuanced aromas.
  2. Focusing on Aromas:

    • Red Wine: The generous width of a red wine glass's bowl disperses and then narrows the wine's bouquet towards the rim, letting you delve deeper into the red's aromatic richness.
    • White Wine: Given the subtler aromatic profile of white wines, their glasses, with a tighter design, funnel these fragrances efficiently, enriching the olfactory experience.
  3. Maintaining Ideal Temperatures:

    • Red Wine: Typically served a tad warmer than their white counterparts, reds benefit from the broader bowl which allows for some heat transfer from one's hand, subtly raising the wine's temperature.
    • White Wine: To enjoy the refreshing quality of white wines, they need to remain cool. The elongated stem and tapered design of their glasses ensure minimal heat transfer from your hand.
  4. Guiding the Flavor:

    • Red Wine: Red wine glass shapes ensure the liquid targets the palate's mid-section, harmonizing with the wine's depth and managing its tannin levels.
    • White Wine: Glasses for white wines direct the liquid more to the palate's front, amplifying its vibrant acidity and fruit-forward notes.

In a nutshell, the nuanced design differences in wine glasses cater to the distinct attributes of red and white wines, ensuring every sip is a curated experience.

AZ Boutique: a wide range of glasses for all purposes

AZ Boutique is equipped with several wine glass sets to meet all your needs, whether you would like to indulge in a sip of red wine, white wine or other young wines such as Sauvignon blanc or Pinot Gris. Should you be wishing to opt for sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco or Cremant, discover a wide range of solid drinking glasses adaptable to a wide variety of purposes. When planning to shop for drinking glasses for a great serving of Bordeaux wine, make sure to have all your options in mind : whether you would want stemless glasses or stemmed wine glasses with a thin rim and well rounded bowl to contain the maximum ounces of red wine. With worldwide shipping options and lead-free crystal wine glasses eligible for safe consumption, AZ Boutique offers you a  great and convenient opportunity to shop for quality products.


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