Environment and Ecology

1 - AZ-boutique.com and the eco-share

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) must not be thrown away!

Also, AZ-boutique adheres to Eco-Systèmes as a distributor but also as a producer for all import electrical appliances we carry on our website.

2 - How does the WEEE sector work?

When you buy a new appliance, you pay a "recycling fee", which is the cost of collection, reuse, recycling and clean-up of a used appliance equivalent. The amount varies depending on the product and the type of treatment it requires.

Eco-share is stated clearly visible and separated from the product price. It is a tool of transparency and information. It is fully paid by the producer or importer to an eco-organization as Eco-Systèmes authorized by the government to support older devices.

3 - Why the WEEE sector was created?

Since November 2006, all devices powered on AC or battery must be decontaminated and recycled. It is estimated that every French produces annually 14 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment and the total quantity produced increases by 4% each year. Or all electrical and electronic equipment is recycled and the recycling rate is between 73% and 87%. Recycling allows to produce new secondary raw materials and thus produce new devices while preserving natural resources.

4 - Who treats waste electrical and electronic equipment?

Four eco-organizations support, on behalf of the producers who support it, the removal and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment collected separately:

Ecologic +33(0) 825 825 732 (numéro indigo)

Eco-Systèmes +33(0) 825 886 879 (numéro indigo)

ERP +33(0) 810 130 805 (numéro Azur)

Récylum +33(0) 810 001 777 (numéro Azur)

A coordinating organization, the company OCAD3E was approved by Decree of 22 September 2006 to ensure the compensation of the selective collection costs of D3E supported by local authorities.

5 - A qui rapporter les produits que je ne souhaite pas conserver ?

Votre appareil fonctionne encore ? Donnez-le à Emmaüs. Il sera réemployé et vous ferez ainsi un geste solidaire.

Vous avez acheté un appareil neuf chez nous ? Vous pouvez nous envoyer l'appareil usagé qu'il remplace. Cet envoi se fera toutefois à vos frais. Vous pouvez également apporter gratuitement vos vieux appareils en déchèterie. Vérifiez auprès de votre mairie qu’une collecte sélective des DEEE existe bien dans votre ville ou consultez la plateforme de service de notre partenaire sur www.eco-systemes.fr qui recense les points de collecte de la filière agréée.