Silver plating

Would you like to silverplate a piece of cutlery or a full cutlery set ? The cutlery silver-plating consists in the depositing of a silver coat on cutlery in stainless steel or nickel silver (alloy of copper, nickel and zinc) to get silver-plated cutlery. If your cutlery are not new, please use our silver plating restoration service.

We propose you to silverplate any new piece of cutlery with a 33 microns silver coat (category 1) or 20 microns silver coat (category 2). As the table forks and the table spoons are frequently used, we recommand you to choose a 33 microns silver plating for these cutlery which will permit to have a more important layer. For the other cutlery for which the use is less frequent, a 20 microns silver-plating will be sufficient.

We propose you to select here each type of cutlery you would like to silverplate and to add the items to your cart with the quantities corresponding to the number of cutlery per type.

For more information about our silver plating service and about the process you will have to follow, we invite you to get into the full description of the items/products below by clicking on "Details". You could also click here to see our explanations page about the cutlery silver plating service.

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