Cristal d'Arques

Welcome to our Cristal d'Arques webpage, the renowned french brand known for its exceptional tableware glasses high-quality manufacturing.

The brand’s specialty ? The manufacture of high-end crystal and crystalline glassware. A glass range which includes their famous Cristal d’Arques iconic stem glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, balloon glasses, high-quality water glasses and a huge collection of glassware of all kinds !

Cristal d'Arques is a French brand of the century-old group and specialist in "Tableware" Arc International, which was founded in 1968 and whose head office is based in the city of Arques in the Pas de Calais department in France.

Why did AZ Boutique choose to offer you glass and crystal items from Cristal d'Arques brand?

We particularly like the fine and elegant lines of Cristal d'Arques crystal glasses and this so unique French know-how that you won't find anywhere else!

All the brand's crystal pieces, crystal wine glasses, cups, champagne flutes or coupe, tumblers,  aperitif glasses, highball glass, beer glass, shot glass, old fashioned whisky glass and so on  are exceptional pieces that add a magnificent touch to your tables.

Cristal d'Arques is finally the quintessence of design, good taste and know-how that combines both tradition and modernity ! To pit in a nutshell, Cristal d’Arques is the ultimate in Tableware Arts in terms of crystal glassware!

History and evolution of the Cristal d'Arques Paris brand, a crystalline specialized company

Cristal d'Arques Paris first began to produce crystal stemmed glasses automatically, then Cristal d'Arques quickly established itself in the world of Drinkware by revolutionising the codes of beauty of glassmaking and crystalware thanks to a very wide range of high-end crystal and crystalline glass products offered by the group, which combine beauty, fashion, quality, functionality and safety.

The alchemy achieved between all these qualities has enabled the products of the Crystal d'Arques brand to conquer the most beautiful tables in the world in 50 years. The brand does not forget to innovate and constantly seeks to stand out thanks to new designs or materials (Diamax, Krysta).

In 2010, this desire is reflected in the creation of Diamax, a brilliant and transparent material but above all very resistant. Since its creation, the brand has been able to achieve a real compromise between innovation and the preservation of the different codes it has encountered and worked on over the years. As a result, each glass and other Arques Crystal products offer your table a resolutely luxurious touch.

Rambouillet, Longchamp, Versailles, Pompadour, Iroko, Vintage, Ornaments, Amarante, Cristal d'Arques designs collections with elegant and fine lines that can be found on the most beautiful tables! We particularly like the new collections inspired by Art Deco, which are inspired not only by the know-how of old and authentic crystal but also by the codes of jewellery, architecture and the Haute Couture!

Why choose Cristal d’Arques ‘s crystal glassware technology?

The crystalline glass of Cristal d'Arques is not a simple crystal like any other. It has benefited from many years of research and study in the manufacture of glass and crystal to improve its performance.

Cristal d'Arques offers you a very fine made in France crystal glass collection that combines elegance, refinement, purity and has the following 4 advantages:

It is ultra-resistant: 2 x stronger than standard crystal pieces on the market!

It has a pure and clear sound for a unique acoustic experience! With Cristal d'Arques, toasting has never been so pleasant! Your champagne toasting flutes or wine glasses will ring in an exceptional way when you make a toast that transports you into the enchantment and reverie!

It is completely transparent. Crystal glasses made of Cristal d'Arques crystal have a unique composition and are manufactured according to very strict manufacturing processes to offer a transparency index of 98.8 (well above market standards)!

It is ultra bright. Cristal d'Arques clear glass retains its brilliance after washing, even in contact with industrial detergents.

So, seduced? Don't wait any longer to try the incomparable quality Cristal d'Arques glass products for a magical table setting decoration and take advantage of our advantageous offer on AZ Boutique, your online Tableware specialist! Choose any glass crystal article of our selection to make the perfect gift !

Tulip wine glass, water glass, crystal champagne glass, cups, vintage whisky glass, wine, decanter, pitcher, glass ice bucket, bar accessories, liquor glass, tasting glasses for sparkling wines, this world leader in tableware transports you in a few seconds in a magical and sparkling atmosphere of a thousand fires with its exceptional table service!

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