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In this category of small saucepans, AZ Boutique gives you a selection of saucepans with a diameter of less than 20cm which will help you with your small preparations as well as your sauces and your small regular dishes. Saucepans have been around for years in our home and professional kitchens. Pots and saucepans are traditionally round, with edges and a long handle so that your wrist is far enough from the hot recipient. It is an essential piece of cookware that helps to cook rice, heat milk, make a sauce or bring pasta to boil. You will be able to make all your preparations using only quality kitchen equipment!

Get a large variety of small saucepan with lid in our cooking category!

This kitchen utensil comes in different sizes and different materials. AZ Boutique offers you a vast choice of saucepans for your daily use:

- Curved saucepan

- Low saucepan

- High saucepan

- Bain-Marie saucepan

- Steam saucepan

AZ Boutique features stainless steel and copper saucepans. The stainless steel cookware which is compatible with all stovetop including induction cooktop, have a non-stick coating and are known for being heat resistant. At the same time they are easy to clean. A stainless steel pan has a good thermal inertia and therefore has almost no reaction when in contact with food. In addition, you only need a little water and dishwashing liquid to clean and shine the stainless steel.

Copper cookware is an excellent heat conductor and limits the creation of mold on the coating. Many chefs use copper cookware in professional kitchens for its quick heating benefits.

The bain-marie saucepan - the star in the cooking utensils category

It is a very old method that is still in use today. Do you know what a « bain marie » is? It is an simple cooking technique for low temperature cooking or for reheating. The bain marie can be done in the oven or in a saucepan. We will show you how to do it in the saucepan.

Planning to melt chocolate or butter or simply to simmer delicious sauces? Then follow the steps.

-          Fill a saucepan 1/3 full of water and bring to boil

-          Place a smaller container with the food to be melted or cooked in it and it will float in the large pot.

4 things to avoid with stainless steel saucepans!

  1. Never overheat an empty saucepan. It is important to always preheat your pan but never exceed the limit as this can damage your kitchen equipment.
  2. Avoid using bleach to clean your stainless steel pans. Bleach is a toxic product that should not be in contact with food.
  3. Are you cooking pasta? Do not leave the salt undissolved at the bottom of the pan because the salt may contain a small amount of chlorine that the stainless steel will not be able to handle.
  4. Also avoid putting a stainless steel pan in the oven with a wooden handle. Unless it is a removable handle!

You want to renew your bakeware or cookware set? AZ Boutique offers you a wide range of kitchen accessories

AZ Boutique has everything you need: ceramic cookware, frying pans, cast iron skillet, grill pans, saute pan with lid, saucepans, cast iron pots and pans, woks, paella pans and so many other kitchen items that you can buy for your home or to give your loved ones as gifts.


Meta title : Small saucepan – With lid – Saucepans

Meta description : Buy small saucepans on AZ Boutique, your tableware and kitchenware shop online! These kitchen accesories are perfect for single servings or for warming sauces and sides. Made in stainless steel and copper, these saucepans will change the way you cook in a better way!


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