Rubber spatula

 The rubber spatula is a kitchen utensil that is mainly used to scrape the bottom of dishes. Today, rubber scraper spoons models are generally equipped with either a stainless steel or polyamide handle and a very resistant and non-stick silicone tong.

The rubber spatula is used to mix gently to incorporate ingredients into a preparation, decorate cakes and is so useful for scraping the bottom of a bowl, mixing bowl, yogurt pot, non stick pots or small jar so you don't lose one bit of your preparations! This kitchen tool is also used for topping and garnishing a design cake, a tiered cake or a homemade sponge cake. Nail all your sweet delights with these rubber scrappers. The Soft silicone blade allow you to work with all types of utensils without damaging the non-stick coatings or scratching your cookware surfaces!

In order to meet your different needs and uses, the rubber spatula is available in several sizes, colours and shapes. Ultimately, the rubber spatula is a simple but practical and effective cooking tool! Whether in the kitchen or in pastry, this cooking tool will be essential to you.

The origins of the rubber spatula, why is it called Maryse in French?

 The rubber spatula goes by many names: rubber scraper, flexible spatula and in French it goes by the sweet name of Maryse spatula and it is also often confused with the dough cutter or pastry scrapper.

Did you know that it takes its original french name ‘rubber spatula from a pastry chef from the royal court of Francis I, Maryse De Monpetit. She invented the kitchen maryse at the time to make oatmeal cakes for the king in the 16th century. Its realization was so successful that the king granted it the title of baroness and added the particle of nobility to its name!

This is a pretty little story hidden behind the rubber spatula, isn't it?


The rubber scraper turner: a cooking equipment which appeals to everyone!

 If you are a passionate cook or pastry chef, amateur or professional, having the right tool set including your rubber spatula is a must to nail all the steps of your preparation.  To flip an omelette or even to for make a cake batter for sure this item is a real game changer. It will also be a perfect gift for foodies and cooking enthusiasts, ain’t it?

Discover our selection of Lacor and Paderno brand rubber spatulas, household names that are known worldwide for the excellent quality of their kitchen utensils and bakeware items. Nonstick rubber spatula, heat resistant spatula made of food grate silicone, stainless steel or polyamide handle for all uses !

The rubber spatula: an essential bakeware accessory!


As we all know, to make a chocolate mousse or a sponge cake, it is important to work the batter delicately without breaking it, which is why rubber spatula is essential as an excellent substitute to the traditional wooden spoon ! To make a sponge cake in a simple way, without having to spend too much time to preparing a batter in a bain-marie, your kitchenware item will be the rubber spatula maryse spatula. When you have beaten the eggs and sugar to obtain a sabayon, it will be necessary to gently incorporate the flour and melted butter and mix the ingredients using the stainless steel and silicone maryse, making a rotational movement to preserve this foamy aspect of the preparation, in order to make a light and airy cake.

The steps are the same for making easy chocolate mousse. Melt dark pastry chocolate in a water bath, stirring with the silicone spatula until the chocolate has completely melted and allowed to cool. Whip the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt. Mix the egg yolks with the melted chocolate and finally gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture using the rubber spatula to keep the foamy texture. Pour the chocolate mousse into a large bowl or individual glasses. Set aside in a cool place for 2 hours, your chocolate mousse is ready to be enjoyed.

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Silicone and stainless steel spatula, rubber spatula of all sizes: become a pastry chef with our range of sturdy baking tools!


Pastry is an art where precision is the keyword!  For a creative and modern cuisine, having right cooking and pastry items is essential! Today the rubber spatula/scraper is one of the most used kitchen accessories in the home and in professional kitchens. And cherry on top it is perfectly safe to scrape yout nonstick cookware. No wonder it is so appreciated by pastry cooks! If you have not yet tried these amazing cooking tools, it’s about time you do it, because this multifunction tool which allows you to scrape and mix is exceptional and will allow you to perform all kinds of tasks in the kitchen!

Discover a whole range of spatulas including the slotted spatula, silicone spoon spatula, fish turners and rubber scraper on AZ-boutique your kitchenware and catering supply store.

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