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Canele mold

The canelé pans that we sell on our website are non-stick silicone bakeware of an exceptional quality to help you in the kitchen to make your delicious Bordeaux canelé recipes.

If you’ve never heard of the canelé (or cannelé), you should definitely try to cook this french Bordeaux Region’s caramelized pastry with the shape of a cylinder flavored with rum and vanilla that is delicious!

Above all, the canelé mold is a type of pastry mold allows you to easily remove your canelés cakes from the mold without necessarily buttering them before baking. You surely won't miss your delicious preparation of this famous Bordeaux cake ! You can even use the cannele mold to replace a chocolate mold, mini cake mold or muffin mold.

A look back at the origin of the canele pan !

Let's first discover the history behind these famous Bordeaux french « petits fours » and the importance of using the right cake mold to make them. The cannelé should have a soft interior and a crispy, caramelized exterior.

The story of how the cannele cakes were created remains a mystery. Nevertheless, we are sure of one thing : the history of these Bordeaux pastries is linked to the history of Bordeaux and wine. When people at the time filtered wine traditionally with egg white, it was therefore necessary to find a use for yolks and they made small pastries ! Somes says that it was born either during the 15th or 18th century at the Annonciades Convent in Bordeaux city. It is also good to know that it was only in the 19th century that rum was added to these small cakes.

The cannele cake which is a well-known french pastry has become an emblematic Bordeaux cake and the fact of presenting them in their original form thanks to the appropriate mold ( i.e. in the cannele pan in the shape of a small striated cylinder) is essential to better distinguish them. Once spelt cannele with 2 n, the word cannele loses one n in 1985 following a decision taken by the Bordeaux pastry chefs' brotherhood.

These small cakes can easily be enjoyed over tea, as a cocktail or even as a dessert at the end of the meal. For wine lovers, don't hesitate because the cannelés can also be served with a good wine or even champagne ! However, there are several cannele recipes that have been circulating for decades, but one thing connects them all : this recipe recommends that the dough be made 24 hours before cooking !

The canelé pan : a pastry mold that is essential in the kitchen !

The cannele pans that we offer on AZ Boutique are made of silicone ; a non-stick material that provides a perfect result when removing the mold. It is a high quality professional cake pans used by bakers and chefs that will make you want to eat ! All you need is the right recipe and ingredients and you're done.

Previously, people used copper or bronze moulds as pastry utensils to make these Bordeaux cakes. Even if they are still used today, it is very advisable to choose silicone mold. They are much easier to clean and thus reduce the risk of food contamination. They are also unbreakable and resistant to extreme temperatures. It is a culinary item to have especially if you have children because the bright color of these molds will certainly make you want to eat while having fun. The most important thing is that the cannele is soft to the heart and caramelized and crunchy on the outside.

Tips to remember to make successfull cannelé pastries !

As mentioned above, it is necessary to leave the dough to rest well in the fridge for at least 24 hours before baking or 12 hours for those in a hurry. Quite simply, your grooves will lift better. The dough must also be very fluid like pancake dough. Ingredients for your cannele recipe : dark rum, egg yolk, flour, sugar, vanilla bean, hot milk, butter and a pinch of salt.

You also need to know your oven well. It is necessary to lower the oven temperature once the cannele start to brown. When removing from the mold, place them on a rack and let them cool. To make your canelé recipes, let your imagination run wild or that of your child to make original salted cannelé, chocolate or better, pistachio !

Go ahead and get your hands dirty to prepare these savory mini bakeries ! Make these baking tools your precious allies in the kitchen to make delicious sweets as you wish. Finally, the most important thing is that you bake with pleasure !

These pastry tools 3.5 cm or 5.5 cm, take advantage of the non-stick aluminum or silicone molds for baking cannele available on AZ Boutique.

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