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Brioche pan

Don’t delay to discover our selection of non-stick brioche molds for professionals and for pastry lovers. We have a wide range of brioche loaf pans in non-stick metal, silicone as well as porcelain. Our selection of brioche pans consists of several different characteristics corresponding to different recipes. For instance, the small brioche molds can be used as cookie punches, cookie press or cutters.

Silicone, non-stick metal or porcelain, which brioche pan or loaf pan to choose ?

Let's start with the nonstick metal brioche baking pans. It is recommended to grease the metal pans well before putting them in the oven in order to facilitate the demolding process due to the non-stick properties of the materials. Moreover, metal means heat! With the nonstick metal, the heat is distributed perfectly and you will get a perfect baking of your small buns. To make your life easier, this kitchen equipment is even dishwasher safe. However, it should be remembered that brioche pans or even other cake pans made of non-stick metal are subject to scratches.

The silicone brioche molds are unbreakable and totally scratch-proof! These are flexible molds of high professional quality. Silicone molds require no greasing and allow easy demolding without breaking. It is well known that silicone molds can withstand temperature variations and can therefore be used in traditional ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and even freezers. However, unlike the metal mold, silicone diffuses less heat which makes it difficult to achieve perfect caramelization.

Finally, AZ Boutique also proposes porcelain brioche bun pans that provide a homogeneous and soft texture to the baking of your cookies and brioches. The porcelain mold is a kitchen item that can be easily used in the oven and it can also be used as a cake display dish. However, this pastry mold is quite fragile like glassware.

You can use brioche pans like pie pans, muffin pans or even chocolate pans to bake mini cakes at home with the kids. Children can even make cupcakes, for example. For professionals, this bakery equipment will prove to be very efficient and of a high level !

A look back at the origins of the brioche bun !

Did you know that brioche dates back to the Middle Ages when there were simple recipes made from flour, butter, yeast, milk and eggs? There are several types of brioche loaves: the Parisian brioche, the muslin brioche which is richer in butter, the Bordeaux brioche which has the shape of a pretty crown and many others.

A few tips for beginners to have a successful brioche pan recipe !

In order to make a successful brioche, it is necessary to follow a few steps accuratley. Appropriate cooking equipment is just as important as the recipe.

  • It is important to use fresh yeast or instant yeast because it is active. Some people also use active dry yeast.
  • Mainly made of flour, butter and eggs, brioche is a very rich type of cake. The choice of flour is therefore very important. A flour that is very rich in gluten, (all purpose flour, white flour or baking flour) is recommended so that the brioche dough rises better (strong flour type T45 or T55).
  • If you want a good traditional brioche, you should forget about diet! Because in a good brioche, you need more than 75% fat. Choose a very dry butter or good quality tourage butter (a butter with a minimum fat content of 84%) to have a tasty and smooth brioche. Dry butter is also used in the production of puff pastry.
  • Do not forget that it will be necessary to cook the brioche in a warm draught-free place (at room temp preferably) to let it rise properly.
  • One last piece of advice: A good brioche takes time to rise properly and until golden brown. Don't expect to get good results by neglecting the resting time of the dough!

AZ Boutique is here to provide you with pastry utensils of exceptional quality. Alongside the brioche pan, discover other items like bread pan, cookie sheet, muffin pan, oven safe pans, dough scraper, sheet pan, sandwich bread maker and other bakeware products. Our website also puts at your disposal kitchenware and tableware items like glasses, high quality cutleries or flatware (teaspoons, dessert spoons, tablespoons etc), rubber spatula, cutting board, toaster and wooden spoon or spatula. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the brioche molds in our selection will certainly make your life in the kitchen easier with easy demolding, easy cleaning and even perfect cooking. Go ahead and get cooking !

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